Monday, August 25, 2008

My Day Went To The Birds

The humming birds are coming to the feeders by the dozen. That time of year when they start to head south. I have 3 humming bird feeders right by the motorhome and they just love to come and dive bumb us in the evenings.

Anther warm sunny day. Cool again last night but it warmed up by noon. Wish it had stayed cool, more tree cutting and trimming today. I load the brush and trees onto a trailer and it does get hot working in the sun.

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mrsmuck;) said...

The hummers are headed this way! They are very busy in our yard. Tonight Big Daddy is looking out the window at the pond and watching the little buggers. With some help of course, from Lily (kitty).

Mike and Sandy said...

Sherry thanks for all the wonderful comments. Mike just thinks here works harder then me.