Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Another Day

Stormy likes to check out the campgrounds everyday. She has become dog friendly, quite the social little kitty.

We had rain Tuesday evening, not enough, everything is still really dry. The sun shines everyday so I don't complain. Went to Grand Rapids shopping yesterday, spent way to much money on food. I had to buy some jeans just in case the weather got cool. I haven't had long pants on in months, and they seemed to have shurnck.

I finished painting in cabin 5, but Mike has to finish his part, he was to busy playing lumber jack, and put the cabin on the back burner. He did say he was going to get to it today, but so far nothing.
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mrsmuck;) said...

Hey, Stormy is in CAMO. She matches the ground very well. It is so nice to be connected this way. Maybe I will start one some time, of course it will be all about the kids! Keep up the Good "WORK"?

Love Ya