Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pengilly And Bingo

To start the pictures that didn't post the other day.

Saturday after cleaning cabins we went to Pengilly a small town about 25 miles from the resort. It was their Centennial Celebration. They had bingo and I love to play bingo, you paid 25 cents for a card. I won $10.00 and then I was done. We played 5 games I think, so I did come out ahead. They had a parade earlier in the day, lots of bands playing and in the evening they were having a street dance.

We went fishing this morning after I finished painting the trim on cabin 5. Between the 2 of us we must of gotten 100 little sunfish, only 7 keepers but enough for dinner for the 2 of us.
It was a tad on the warm side today. I checked the temp at 3 and it was 91 not really sure if my thermometer is accuate but it sure felt like 91. I went in the bedroom turned on the air and finished the book I was reading, Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich. I laughed so hard, she writes the funniest books. Not a great novel just lots of fun to read.

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