Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lumber Jack Day

Mike and Gordy decided it was a good day to do some tree trimming. Well men and chain saws, down came the trees. they plan to do more trimming on Monday.

It was an absolutely gorgeous blue sky day. Woke up this morning with temps in the low 40s, but by afternoon it has warmed up to the 70s and so sunny.

I have to paint the bathroom in cabin #5 befoare Mike can lay the new flooring and put eveything back in. Hope to be done by Wed.

Mike came in from fishing last night with another whale story. Sure would like to see some of these fish. As soon as my ankle is better I will be with him and check out the whales.

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mrsmuck;) said...

Again, poor Papa, all he does is work, work, work. I know how men are with chain saws. I have one of my own. I would consider moving the RV.

Love Ya;)