Thursday, August 2, 2012

Resting At Nancy Lake

July 19th – 22nd 2012

After depositing Donna at the airport we headed north again.  She is like an energizer bunny, never runs out of energy.  I was exhausted and needed a few days of RR.  Mike wanted to do some lake fishing, try to catch some Walleye and Northern. 

P1110978  P1110975

This was a first for us, driving north on the Parks Highway near Wasilla a beach with people swimming.  I didn’t think they had any water warm enough to swim in.  It was a warm sunny day maybe in the low 70s, not warm enough for me to swim..

P1110996 P1120003

We found the lake and a campsite.  I believe it was $10.00 a night no hookups, but then we only had electric a couple of times this trip.  The campsites were pretty small but we squeezed in. 

Mike got one day of fishing in before the weather turned rainy and cold again.  That was okay we drove into the town of Willow and did a little sightseeing.

Like just about every town in Alaska, Willow got it’s start in 1897 when gold was discovered on the Willow Creek. By 1954, Willow Creek was Alaska's largest gold mining district, with a total production approaching 18 million dollars.

Willow is now the official host of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Willow Willow

Most of the cabins around Willow are seasonal use. Population is 2102, for a small town it is very picturesque.

P1110985 Willow Jail P1110991

The Willow Jail, love the totem poles in front of the jail and the canoe flower planter.

Canoe full of flowers

At one time I’m sure this was another roadside attraction, but sorry to say it has gone by the wayside.  I’m sure the economy has hurt the small towns in Alaska just like the lower 48.  Hate to see all these neat places go into disrepair.



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