Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leaving Fairbanks Heading South

After the Artic Circle we spent one more night in Fairbanks and headed south to Tok to start our trek back to Washington..

We stopped in Delta Junction the official end of the Alaskan Highway. Delta Junction was first known as Buffalo Center because of the bison that were transplanted here in the 1920s.

  P9110056P9110085 P9110057

Love the road sign with the buffalo hitting the truck. 

 P9110053 P9110054

It seems to get a bit chilly in the winter and not that warm in the summer, average temp in July is 58, not were I would like to live.

P9110055 P9110066

Giant mosquito sculptures in front of the visitor center.  We were told by many people that the mosquitoes would be horrendous in Alaska but so far we have not run into any big problem, a few here and there.  I guess we came on an off year, lucky us, mosquitoes love Mike.  If there is one in a mile radius it will find him, they are out to get him, so he thinks.


Sullivans Roadhouse in Delta Junction P9110082

The Sullivan Roadhouse is an original log roadhouse from 1905, it has been moved twice once by horse and the second time by helicopter, to it’s location now across from the visitors center.  The gardens are amazing but then they are all over Alaska and British Columbia.  They really like their flowers in the north, I suppose because the winters are so long and drab, summer is the time for color.

Only spent a short time in Delta and it was on to Tok for the night.  We once again spent it in the Chevron Station parking lot. 


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