Friday, August 17, 2012

Back To Homer For A Few Days

August 5th 2012

We back tracked to Homer, there were a few more things we wanted to do and see. 

P1120159 P1120161

I love the way the Sea Gulls line up and just sit and relax for the day.

DSC_0127 DSC_0128 P1120220P1120208 P1120180

The Alaskans have quit the sense of humor, loved some of the signs.

We also went on a under the dock tour to check out the sea creatures.

P1120232 P1120234 P1120239

Mike checking under the dock for the sea creatures.  Our guide a young high school girl, she was very knowable and knew a lot about sea life under the docks.  Mike with a True Star, they are not called star fish, she told us why but we both forgot.

P1120240 P1120247 P1120244

Cloned Plumose Anemone, Burrowing Anemone, and a Red Sea Urchin.

P1120258 P1120267 P1120273

More anemone, a jelly fish, I did enhance the picture of the jelly fish so it showed up better. And a handful of everything attached to a rope she pulled out of the water.


It was clams for dinner, he had that opened in no time at all, he just kept dropping it on the dock until it cracked open, dug out the meat with his bill, then went looking for another one.

Ghost ships in a boat grave yard was also on the agenda for the day.

P1120188 P1120192 P1120196

You can see the ghost in the window of the last picture, a ghost who voted for Ron Paul.

P1120201 P1120202

Pretty cool looking MH, not sure the make of it but very interesting. 

I’m a little behind again on the blogs, but I will catch up.  We are heading south for Washington, coming down the Cassiar Highway and will be in Dease Lake on Saturday.  We plan on spending a couple of days there, the guys want to do some fishing, yes more fish.



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