Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When The Gold Rush Was Over

Wednesday June 26, 2012

We did many tours in Dawson City and one of them was Dredge #4.  The monster gold mining machine.

dredge #4 Dawson City

Dredge #4 was built in 1912 for the Klondike Mining Company.  This is the largest wooden hulled, bucket line gold dredge in North America, it was pulled from the muck in 1992, exactly as the last shift left it 32 years before. 

This was corporation mining.  The cost of #4 was $300,000 and was built in Ohio.  After transporting the machine to Dawson City, assembling it and getting it operational it took only 30 days for it to pay for itself.

The young lady in the video was also our tour guide on the Dredge.

Video on the Dredge



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