Friday, July 13, 2012

Talkeetna And Our TV Interview With The Mayor

Wednesday July 11th 2012

Talkeetna is close to world-class salmon fishing and Denali. Tourists travel to Talkeetna each summer to fish, raft and go flightseeing and Ziplinning. Products from local artists, musicians and craftspeople are available in area stores. A 37-year history of The Moose Dropping Festival, a two-day celebration held over two days each July. The event was named after a lottery where participants bet on numbered, varnished pieces of moose feces, or moose droppings" dropped from a helicopter onto a target. Over 12,000 people attend the festival.  The population of the town is only 430. 

Talkeetna's largest celebration of the winter, called Winterfest, takes place during the entire month of December, and features a motorized Parade of Lights, a lighted tree in the Village Park, a Taste of Talkeetna, and numerous special events hosted by local businesses and special events at Talkeetna Public Library.

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A few of the buildings in town and other sights.

P1110810 P1110811 

Our Interview with Channel 2 news out of Anchorage.  They wanted us to meet the mayor of Walkeetna so we walked around town to find him.

We found him out back in an alley taking a nap.

P1110812 P1110813

No kidding this is the mayor and Mike got to shake his hand.  Mr. Stubbs is his name, I would vote for him if I lived in town, he was very nice.

Stubbs is a feral cat that lives in and around Talkeetna, making himself warm in the winter near Nagley's Store. The people of Talkeetna so love Stubbs and so avoid civic responsibility that Stubbs was officially elected mayor in a write-in campaign.



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