Friday, July 13, 2012

A Three Hour Tour In A Kayak And Tunneling

Monday July 9th 2012

Donna and I went Kayaking in Resurrection Bay at Miller’s Landing, what a thrill.  Mike opted out of this trip, he is not crazy about the water.

Millers Landing Kayaking P1110737

Getting into our gear for the ride.

P1110744 CIMG3293

Donna and I were in one Kayak so it was pretty hard getting pictures of us in the Kayak. I was in front and put the camera on my head to get a picture of Donna, you can see my wispy hair in the picture.

P1110746 P1110747

The bay was so calm when we went out, not much paddling we could drift some.  On the way back it was all paddling, the wind picked up and the waves were pretty scary.  We were pretty wet when we got back to shore.   


Another Bald Eagle sighting. 


We stopped at a beach for a short break.  Not sure how they can say they have a beach way to cold to be in the water. 

As soon as we were done with our Kayak adventure we left Seward and headed to Whittier, Gateway to Prince William Sound. 

P1110773 P1110780

The tunnel to enter Whittier is 2.5 miles long. It cost us $32.00 to get in, you did not have to pay to leave, only one way in town and one way out of town, thru the tunnel. 

It’s the longest tunnel and longest combined highway/railroad tunnel in North America.  It was named in 1976 after the chief engineer on the project, Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.

We drove into town and out spent a total of 32 minutes, a dollar a minute, not a bad price.

P1110791 P1110795

Begich Boggs Visitor Center is built on the terminal moraine left behind by Portage Glacier in 1914. The Visitor Center offers an unique opportunity to learn about the Chugach National Forest, America's second largest national forest.

P1110793 P1110797P1110800

A small iceberg in the waters by the visitor center. Mike and Donna spending time with Smokey The Bear.

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