Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Few Days With Friends

May 7th 2012

I wish I could keep current on the blogs, but we are so busy having fun it’s hard to keep up.

We stopped in Lakewood Washington upon returning from MN, to visit with friends Dave and Joan Hunn.  We met them many years ago at Big Balsam Camp and Resort. We see them once a year over the 4th of July for 2 weeks and have a great time fishing and boating. Two of our Grandkids, Ryan and Lizzy, have become very fond of Dave and Joan and spend a lot time fishing with them. 

They invited us to spend a couple of days seeing the sights around Tacoma.

Dave and Joan Hunn's house Lakewood WA P1090772

Dave and Mike

Dave and Mike having morning coffee discussing something important.

The flowers in their neighbor are unbelievable, I took a morning walk and took some pictures.

P1090780 P1090782

Tuesday we all headed up to Mt Rainier, what a beautiful ride, so many waterfalls and creeks with the water cascading down the mountains from the spring thaw.

P1090789 P1090790 P1090806

I think we stopped at a dozen waterfalls and creeks on our way up the mountain. Each one was more exciting then the last.  I love waterfalls and creeks, they are so romantic, sitting on the rocks having some cheese and wine and enjoying the sounds of rushing water.

Of course the higher we climbed the more snow we ran into. 

Mike and Dave lots of snow Mt. Rainier

Mike and Dave.  Mt Rainier in the clouds, wish it had been a clearer day, would have loved to see the top of the mountain.

Fox at the visitor center on Mt. Rainier P1090842 Fox at visitor center Mt. Rainier

Mike spotted this visitor coming from the trees to the parking lot at the visitor center.  He must be a regular looking for a hand out.  The fox was equipped with a transmitter around his neck as you can see from the last picture.


As we were driving down the highway after leaving the visitor center we ran into another fox.  Dave was just commenting on how in 25 years he had never seen a fox in the area and bingo the second one shows up.

hiking up Mt. Rainier to spend the night in the mountain P1090812

We stopped at another turnout in the road and spotted a couple of guys getting ready to hike up the mountain and spend the night.  Not sure as to why you would want to do that when you have a perfectly warm bed at home.  I guess for adventure, I do remember those days.

Lunch with Dave And Joan copper Creek Inn Mt. Rainier Ashford Washington Mt. Rainier

We stopped for lunch at a wonderful little restaurant, Cooper Creek Inn, in Ashford for lunch.  I would definitely recommend stopping here if your in the area.

Just down the road from the restaurant we saw this deer off in the trees. 

Thank you Dave and Joan for a memorable time, and your ribs were the best ever. 


A Daughter said...
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A Daughter said...

Wish I was there with you! I always enjoy spending time with Dave and Joan! Looks like you all had a great time. The scenery is beautiful!! Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Joan were our neighbors many years ago in Summerville, SC. It was nice to see the photo of Dave. Please tell them hello from Jim and Nancy Merrill. We drove past the old homestead this summer on Toutant Court.