Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cascade Mountains

Monday May 14th 2012

When the sun is shinning it’s a good time to see the mountains.

Washington pass 5477 ft. and Rainey pass 4875 ft. are two Mountain passes on State Route 20 (North Cascade Highway) in the North Cascade Mountains.  The passes are closed between Nov. and May.  They opened a few days ago so we were off on another adventure.

The Cascade range extends from British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California.

 P1090882 Dog wood Tree North Cascades National Park

The entrance to the North Cascade National Park and a Dogwood tree at the visitor center.

Pinnacle Peak Cascade National Park   Diablo Lake Overlook North CascadesNorth Cascade Naitonal Park

Pinnacle Peek elevation 6805 feet.  Diablo Overlook


Another waterfall.

North Cascade National Park

Rainey Pass on State Route 20.

We made it over both passes and stopped for lunch in Winthrop Washington.

P1090933 Winthrop Washington Winthrop, Washington

Winthrop is a cute little western town.  We had hot dogs and ice cream before heading back over the mountain. 


We stopped at a small store on the way down and Steve had to join the self kicking club.

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