Monday, October 27, 2008

U Of M and AM

We visited with our granddaughter Amanda Marie on Sunday. She is attending the U of M this
year. She is in the Institute of Technology program. We went to lunch at Applebees not far from her dorm. Had a wonderful time. She told us about her classes and they seemed pretty intense to me.

We went back to her dorm after lunch. A very small room, but they seem to get everything they need into it. Met her roommate, she seems like a very nice girl.

When we got home we pretty much just vegged out. No Vikings game for Mike to watch. He did watch the world series in the evening and I read a book.

I started reading a new Author Stephenie Meyer. She has a series of 4 books. The first one is called the Twilight and that's the one I'm reading at the moment. Her books are about vampires and I have never really gotten into books like that, I usually like a good mystery. So far I really have enjoyed it. We will see how it goes.

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