Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Headwaters Of The Mississippi

We hiked to the headwaters of the Mississippi. Boy I thought it would be a big deal. It is only like 18 feet wide at the starting point and you can walk across it, if you don't mind cold water like 40 degrees. People were walking it in bare feet, to cold for me.

Mike kept is shoes on and his feet dry. Maybe this was healing waters and I should have put my feet in it.

The picture of the tree at the bottom is one of Minnesota's largest white pines. the measurements of this giant are Circumference 173 inches, total hieght 112 feet, and crown spread is 48.75 feet. Quit the impresive tree.

So many things to see here, but we leave in the morning for Nevis Mn. to visit friends.

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