Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh No Snow In Apache Junction!

Feb 20th 2013

Okay family and friends back in Minnesota your going to love this. 

We have had snow in the Superstition Mountains, but never in our own back yard.  Mike may have to buy a snow shovel or move the motorhome.  Actually it was sleet, but it was white and cold.

Superstion Mt. Feb 20th 2013

The picture of the mountain was taken this afternoon it snowed over night in the higher elevations, not that Superstition is that high.


Our steps coming out of the motorhome and the walkway is covered with white stuff. 

Mike installed some blue LED lights on the steps for what ever reason not sure why but they do look very nice especially with the snow.  Cold again tomorrow, this is the coldest winter we’ve in Apache Junction AZ


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