Monday, October 11, 2010

The David Lettermen Show

Thursday October, 7th 2010

We drove to a train station in Hoboken NJ and took the train from there to Penn station.  From Penn Station we  took a cab to the Ed Sullivan Theater, only $5.40 plus tip for the cab.

The first place we stopped was Hello Deli for lunch. 

P1070779 Mike and Rupert

Mike and owner of the Deli Rupert. 

We had instructions to be at the Ed Sullivan Theater by 2pm.  We waited in line one for maybe 30 minutes.  Showed our drivers license  to the person in charge of our line.  Our license was checked again as we went thru the door to get our tickets.  Our License was checked again as we waited in line to get our tickets.  We picked up the tickets and were told to come back at 3:45 and wait in the red line.  Another half hour standing in line.  About 4:15 we entered the theater for the second time, and was seated in the balcony.

It takes one hour to the tape the show and it’s just like watching it on TV.

The first guest was Steven Colbert, he hosts the Colbert Report on TV.

The second guest was Johnny Knoxville, from the Jackass movies.  We really did not know who he was, or anything about his movies.

The band at the end of the show was not someone we had heard of.  That’s all I will say about the band.


After the show we walked from 53rd street to 43rd street for dinner at Tony’s Di Napoli.  Mike had made reservation when we heard we had the tickets to Lettermen.  

P1070804 P1070807

A couple from Queens was seated next to us and we had a just the best time visiting with them.  They were in town to see a Broadway play. 

We had to stop at the M&M store on Broadway.  We also stopped at the Hershey store.  I was good we bought no chocolate. 

P1070787 P1070797


Time Square. 

We took a cab back to Penn station and the train to Hoboken.  We got back to the RV park about 11:00.  It was another long day. 

We are leaving New York Friday and heading back to Minnesota.  We hope to home on Tuesday. 

Pay no attention to my spelling and punctuation because as you read these stories you will find that I didn’t read them before publishing.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We didn't pay attention to the spelling or punctuation as we only cared about reading about your fabulous day at the Letterman show. Good for you; sounds like you had a wonderful time. Misss you both.