Monday, April 5, 2010

Our first Earth Quake

We are once again in Apache Junction.  I had a doctor appointment at the Mayo for more blood work.  We had wonderful news, my liver function is back to normal, the doctor was very pleased, and Mike and I were ecstatic. The MH went in for some warranty work last Friday, all the problems were addressed. 

Easter Sunday we had dinner in the RV park with 50 other guests.  The park supplied the ham and everyone brought a dish to share.  Charles and Nancy are in the same park we are and we spent some time with them on Sunday. 

The late afternoon Mike and I were napping when the earth quake hit Mexico.  It was felt here in the park by everyone but Mike and I.  We missed our first earth quake.   I guess that’s a good thing.

We have a resident owl in the park. 

DSC_0053 DSC_0058

He usually stays hidden until dark, but Mike got lucky and spotted him before dusk.

DSC_0035-1  DSC_0034-1

After dark hootie took to the skies, landed on this light in front of our MH. 


A blooming Saguaro cactus.  We have been looking for a blooming Saguaro for years in AZ, and this is the first one we found.  The people whose yard it is in said this is the first time all the arms have blooms on them.

DSC_0045   DSC_0054


Some of the flowers here in the park.  We are so lucky to see so many things blooming this year.

Our second day back in Apache Junction we went to a baseball game, the Chicago Cubs And LA Angles.  The Cubs lost big time. 

DSC_0010-1 DSC_0017-2


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