Thursday, April 22, 2010

Animals In The Black Hills

The opportunities to photograph the wild life was abundant.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of all the animals we saw, but when your in a moving vehicle you just can’t do it. 

DSC_0024-1 DSC_0027-2

White tail deer playing in the campground.

P1060012 P1060029

Mountain Goats near Mount Rushmore.

P1050985 P1060010 White tail deer along the road.


Buffalo near Wind Cave.

P1060047 P1060073

More animals in the campgrounds, oops that’s Mike.

Keeping up with the theme for the day we stopped at the Mangy Moose, in Custer, for lunch.  I was not sure this was a place I wanted to eat, but the food was fabulous.  I had a Green Chile Burger that was to die for. 

P1060037  P1060038



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