Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Long Haul to Alabama

It was a long cold drive down here, but well worth it.  The temps are in the high 60s low 70s.  It is raining today, but expect sunshine tomorrow.  We are in Summerdale AL only a few miles from the gulf coast.  We are staying in a escapee park  Rainbow Plantation a very nice RV park.

We started out following the Mississippi river.  Our first night was spent in a casino parking lot in Dubuque Iowa.  Our second night was in Hannibal Missouri in a RV park as it was plenty cold and we wanted to use our electric heaters to keep warm. 

We stopped in St. Louis to check out Gateway Arch and have lunch. 

DSC_0082 DSC_0084

If you would like more information on the Gateway Arch just click on the link.                                       

DSC_0103Viewing from inside the Arch  

DSC_0108 The pods you ride up to the top of the Arch.  Five people can squeeze into the pods very uncomfortably.

DSC_0085 DSC_0092

DSC_0093 DSC_0120

The first 3 pictures were taken thru the windows at the top of the Arch in the fourth picture.  Picture one is Busch Stadium home to St. Louis Cardinals.  The second picture is home to the St. Louis Rams football team.

We stopped for lunch at Showmes bar and restaurant.  We had no idea what kind of place this was, but Mike thought is was pretty fun. 

DSC_0115 DSC_0116

The prices were a little high, but the food was good.  I had chicken wings and really enjoyed them.

After leaving St. Louis we stopped at a hospital which has an express emergency room.  I still was not feeling well, they diagnosed me with bronchitis, left overs from the flu.  Very efficient in and out in less then an hour.  I left with three prescriptions.  Hopefully this will do the job.

Our third night was spent in Perryville.  We stopped following the river and decided to do freeways, as I just wanted to get to our destination and rest.

The fourth night was in Memphis.  We stayed a an RV park across the street from Elvis house, Graceland.  We were going to tour the place in the morning, but I was not feeling well and was pretty weak.

Our fourth and last night on the road was a a campground, in Waynesboro Mississippi.  Would have liked to stay longer it was a beautiful place right on the water, and only $ 9.00 a night instead of the usual $30.00 we had been paying.

We arrived at Rainbow Plantation RV Park on Sunday afternoon.  We plan to just sit and relax and get healthy for a few days before going out and doing the tourist things.


Sign at a gas station we stopped at on the way down.  I wish I would have watched the people walk in to see if this was true. 

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