Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Frogs Are Drowning Build Me An Ark

It has not stopped raining since we arrived in Gulf area of Alabama.  We have had 10 inches in the last three days.  Everything in the MH is damp or just plain wet.  Even when it’s not raining the humidity is 95%.  P1040813 P1040814

Wish the weather had been better for our short stay here in Alabama, would have liked to have done more sight-seeing.  We did go to lunch with friends, Ron and Linda Fleeger, they are work camping on a preserve in Mississippi, about an 1 1/2 hours from here. They drove over on Sunday and we spent the day catching up on where we have all been in the last year.  We will be seeing them again this winter in AZ. 

It was not just the weather that kept us from doing much, I still feel pretty lousy.  Mike made a doctor appointment for me, I just kept hoping I would wake up and feel better, or maybe I’m just a little stubborn like my dad.  Off we went to the doctor this morning and they did an EKG and chest X-ray. The EKG was fine but I have pneumonia.  Another trip to the pharmacy for more meds.. sure hope this time I start feeling better.  Mike is just about ready to put me in a medical coma until I’m well.  Not that I whine or complain much, just all the time.  I admit I’m a big baby when I don’t feel well.

Our cats Stormy and TT went to the Vet on Monday. Stormy and TT both needed vaccinations and TT was neutered.  TT’s not real happy with us and Stormy is always an angry cat.  

The sun is shinning and the temps are in the high 60’s today, and will be that way for a few days.  To bad because we have to leave tomorrow and head north.  We will be staying in Branson MO. for a few nights and then head back to MN for Christmas.    

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