Friday, September 26, 2008

Went to Canada

Warren is only 60 miles from the Canadian border and it seemed like a good day for a little trip. Had lunch in Altona Manitoba, the sunflower capital of Canada or the world. They have a 17 foot tall picture of Van Gough's Sunflower.
We had no problems at the border crossing going or coming. Just showed our passports and went right through. Some people were being searched, but I guress we are just to old to cause them problems.

On our way to Canada we passed our work place. The first picture is of the area with the piler in the back ground. The second one is of the piler. Our jobs will be to keep the area free of dirt and mud which I believe will envolve a shovel. Oh Boy! My favorite tool to use. We also will be filling bags with beets to be sampled at the lab. Mike had wanted to work nights, but we are on the day shift 8am to 8pm seven day a week. If we are lucky there will be a few rain days, sure do not look forward to working 14 days without a day off.

Border Crossing

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