Friday, September 5, 2008

Cool And Wet

The weather has turned, fall is coming. We had rain again last night, and the sun is trying to shine today. Yesterday was beautiful cool and sunny. This is my kind of weather. I had to find my sweat shirts just a little chilly in the evenings around the campfire.

Not much going on, very quite in the resort. Only 2 cabins are occupied. Mike is still working on cabin 5. He had to pull all the old plumbing and put in new. He spent 2 days under the cabin with the bugs yuck.

We had Gordy and Jackie and John and Mary Jo for dinner the other night. Mike do a pork roast on the grill, turned out very juicy and tasty.

Less then 2 weeks here, I think we will be home on the 17th. I sure will miss the lake, but it will be nice to get home and see family and friends. Lost going on in the lives of our Grandchilden and would like to get involed some. We want to see Amandas dorm at the UofM, and check out the campus.

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