Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Word From The Blue (Mike)

Monday November 7th 2011

After spending 3 days in Pender NE, we finally got down to business.  The picture is of our tow bar completely rebuilt and ready to go to work.  They replaced the ball swivel, new boots on the slides, and replaced and tightened all the nuts and bolts. I also got another set of locking pins with the same keys as my other set. 


I talked to Mike the service manager about the repairs I did to the base plate.  He promptly chewed me out for not having them do the repairs. 

We went over the repairs done to the tow bar, and asked for the bill, and was told there would be no charge.  Lets see, 3 days full service camping, repair of 3 year old tow bar, and a set of locking pins, no charge.  I sure do like a company that stands behind it’s product, something not seen very often in the RV industry.

Blue Ox will be getting all my future towing business and a big recommendation to anyone that asks.  Thank you Blue Ox. 

We left Pender, NE and have started making our way to AZ, made it as far as Alma NE, and park in Bugbees restaurant for dinner, Sandy had roast beef and I had the last chicken pot pie.  Mine was very good, Sandy's not so much.  We are parked here for the night. 


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Jim and Bobbie said...

We are in Sacramento hurrying down to AZ although we will stop in Pahrump for a bit. It will be so good to see you both again, as it's been a long time.