Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Did It

We became South Dakota Residences yesterday.  Our new address is 110 E Center St. #1050 Madison SD 57042-2908.  It was a very painless process less then 3 hours and we had our new plates for 3 vehicles our drivers license new address and registered to vote in Madison.   Our wallet is much lighter, but nothing is cheep anymore I guess.  The driving was the hardest part 14 hours round trip.  We left Monday morning and came back Monday evening.  We had planned on spending the night in a motel, but our new town is pretty small and not much to do.  And the cost of a motel did not fit into the budget after all the other expenses. 

I did bring the camera with to take some pictures, but the battery was dead.  So no pics. 

Less then 2 weeks and we start to travel.  OH BOY!

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